Permit to Work

A Permit to Work system is an integral part of a safe system of work and is a critical element to effective control and management of the wide range of activities on site(s) which can take place close together such as in a process plant

permit-to-workA permit-to-work is not simply permission to carry out a dangerous job. It is an essential part of a system which determines how that job can be carried out safely, and helps communicate this to those doing the job. It should not be regarded as an easy way to eliminate hazard or reduce risk. The issue of a permit does not, by itself, make a job safe – that can only be achieved by those preparing for the work, those supervising the work and those carrying it out.

In addition to the permit-to-work system, other precautions may need to be taken e.g. process or electrical isolation, or access barriers – and these will need to be identified in task risk assessments before any work is undertaken. The permit-to-work system should ensure that authorised and competent people have thought about foreseeable risks and that such risks are avoided by using suitable precautions. Those carrying out the job should think about and understand what they are doing to carry out their work safely, and take the necessary precautions for which they have been trained and made responsible.

GHS Health and Safety expert consultants can help your business develop employee skills, minimise risks in the workplace, eliminate lost-time incidents, thereby contributing to business process improvements, productivity and safety culture.


Doing two or more things at the same time can be difficult under any circumstances. The risks associated with simultaneous operations (SIMOPS) in support of site activities, can be great and potentially dangerous.

In simultaneous operations (SIMOPS), two or more concurrent activities may impact the safety of personnel, equipment, and environment of another activity. SIMOPS requirements include hazard identification and risk mitigation and/or safety impact when planning SIMOPS work activities to be taking place simultaneously in the same location.

GHS expert consultants can help your business develop, implement and measure your control of work process to ensure that the risks from SIMOPS are not realised in your operations.