The use of contractors in industry is commonplace. Many companies turn to contractors to supplement their staff. They are also used for specialist tasks, often involving hazardous activities.

This could involve working on critical process plant and equipment or carrying out non-routine activities where there is a greater potential for harm if their work is not properly managed.

It is important to ensure that contractors are properly briefed on and understand the major hazard risks associated with your activities for them to be able to work safely and to safeguard the integrity of your plant and processes.

Contractor HSE
Accidents happen more easily when the contractor’s job is excluded from your usual methods of safe working if:

  • the hazards of their job haven’t been identified and steps have not been taken to minimise risks; and
  • no one is around to make sure the contractor follows health and safety rules on site.

Accidents with contractors can be caused by poor communication – when staff don’t know there is a contractor working nearby and when contractors don’t know the dangers on site. Bring contractors into your health and safety procedures. They may be strangers to your site and won’t know:

  • about the hazards on your site;
  • your site rules and safety procedures;
  • what to wear;
  • about special equipment they need to use;
  • what to do in an emergency; and
  • the sound of the alarm, and how and when to raise it;

GHS Health and Safety Consultants can help your business pre-qualify your contractors and implement a robust contractor’s management systems thereby contributing to business process improvements, productivity and safety culture in workplace incidents to help your business reduce your incidence rate.