Organisations have management processes or arrangements to deal with payroll, personnel issues, finance and quality control – managing health and safety is no different.

Close up of a hand doing a jigsawTo help you comply with the law, GHS Health and Safety Consultants encourages a common-sense and practical approach to managing health and safety. It should be part of the everyday process of running your business and an integral part of workplace behaviours and attitudes.

Whatever your industry, or the size or nature of your business, the core elements to effectively managing for health and safety are:

  • leadership and management;
  • a trained/skilled workforce; and
  • an environment where people are trusted and involved.

Managing health and safety can rarely be achieved by one-off interventions. A sustained and systematic approach is necessary. While this may not always require a formal health and safety management system, whatever approach is used it probably contains the steps Plan, Do, Check, Act.

GHS expert consultants can help your business assess, compliance assurance within your business, develop employee skills, minimise risks in the workplace, eliminate lost-time incidents, thereby contributing to business process improvements, productivity and safety culture.