During the initial periods of leadership change there is almost always uncertainty within teams.


This creates an environment of uncertainty for the existing team which frequently manifests itself through uncertainty, fear and decreased productivity and ultimately friction and failure.

History informs us that newly recruited leaders can quickly fail unless they have the ability to rapidly build relationships, learn and assess the new organisation, understand their role and expectations and how to adapt to their new environment and culture. Typically, this process takes six to nine months, however, due to increased business demands of today, organisations expect this process to happen immediately.

The aim of a leadership assimilation session with the new leader and their direct reports is to give the new leader and his team a structured approach for the journey they are embarking on into the future.

GHS consultants can help your new leaders and their team make the transition to the new environment informative and relatively painless which will, thereby improve your business processes, productivity and safety culture in your organisation.

New Leader Assimilation