Safety culture is an organisation’s beliefs and attitudes regarding safety, its place and importance in the organisation, and affects how safely people in the organisation behave. Essentially it is ‘the way we do things around here’.

Nuclear energy, air traffic controllers, airline pilots and submarine crews are frequently associated with the term highly reliable organisations (HRO) that perform high risk activities with infrequent catastrophic events.


Studies have identified four common organisation characteristics associated with HRO and how these limit accidents and failures;

  • Prioritisation of both safety and performance and shared goals across the organisation;
  • A “Culture” of reliability that devolves to lower tier personnel reliability decisions;
  • A learning organisation that values learning opportunities, embracing change following accidents, incidents and near misses; and
  • Standards and processes are followed and valued by the organisation.

Do you want your business to be recognised as a HRO? GHS consultants can help your business assess their safety maturity and offer constructive advice to improve your business processes, productivity and safety culture in your organisation.