Failure to include health and safety as a key business risk in board decisions can have catastrophic results. Many high-profile safety cases over the years have been rooted in failures of leadership.

CoachingHealth and safety law places duties on organisations and employers, and directors can be personally liable when these duties are breached: members of the board have both collective and individual responsibility for health and safety.

Within your business, it is essential that your management team acknowledge and understand their commitment to Health and Safety by;

  • Strong and active leadership from the top:
    • visible, active commitment from the board;
    • establishing effective ‘downward’ communication systems and management structures; and
    • integration of good health and safety management with business decisions.
  • Worker involvement:
    • engaging the workforce in the promotion and achievement of safe and healthy conditions;
    • effective ‘upward’ communication; and
    • providing high-quality training.
  • Assessment and review:
    • Identifying and managing health and safety risks;
    • Accessing (and following) competent advice; and
    • Monitoring, reporting and reviewing performance.