A strong safety culture, where safety is valued in all aspects of business by all workers, is paramount to achieving sustainable operational excellence. Let our safety leadership services show you how.

Leadership action planCritical to developing a strong safety culture in any workplace is leadership across all levels of the organisation that’s committed to protecting the wellbeing of staff, promoting healthy behaviours and ensuring continuous improvement in safety systems and practices.

Our experience working with first level leader to senior management levels, we know that managers and leaders are different, with different skills. That’s why we support companies and agencies to nurture leadership qualities in management to build a strong culture of safety that’s characterised by less incidents, lower absenteeism, lower staff turn-overs, and higher productivity. You too can benefit from strengthening your safety culture with our leadership services, including:

  • Workplace cultural assessments;
  • New leader assimilation programs; and
  • First level leader development initiatives
  • Mentoring to develop leadership skills