Prior to any work taking place at the worksite, work place hazard identification and an assessment of those hazards should be performed before every job, normally this is carried out by the work party and reviewed by the supervisor prior to the work being authorised.

The JSA or JHA should be created by the work group performing the task following a visit by the work group to the worksite. Occasionally it is expedient to review a JSA or JHA that has been prepared when the same task has been performed before, but the work group must take special care to review all the steps thoroughly to ensure that they are controlling all the hazards for this job this time.

Inadequate preparation of JSA/JHA, lack of hazard recognition, lack of training, use of generic JSA/JHA, lack of recognition of change in the worksite and controls not implemented are frequently, quoted in incident investigation.

GHS Health and Safety consultants can help your business assess the quality of your JSA/JHA to ensure that your employees’ are developing, implementing and reviewing quality JSA/JHA, where necessary, advise on improvement opportunities, as appropriate and inform, instruct and train employees about hazard identification.