HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Studies)

Illustration of workman carrying a hardhatIs a risk analysis tool which is used to identify abnormalities and its causes and consequences in more complicated or comprehensive processes or operations. The aim is to avoid hazardous or unwanted incidents.

HAZID (Hazard Identification)

Is a general risk analysis tool for early identification of hazards or threats, where the purpose is to identify possible unwanted incidents within a discipline, operation or area. These possible incidents are classified with respect to consequences and probability. Measures are then implemented to reduce the risk to an acceptable level.

GHS Health and Safety consultants can help your business assess the risks to employees’ health arising from their work in hazardous areas, advise what precautions they need to take, prevent or control risk, ensure the control measures are properly used and maintained, advise on monitoring the exposure of workers, where necessary, advise on health surveillance, as appropriate and inform, instruct and train employees about the risks and any necessary precautions.