Several recent incidents in various parts of the world have highlighted the increasing importance of effective process safety management (PSM).  In addition to the immediate human, environmental and financial costs, there have been:

  • escalating effects upon the reputations of companies, their senior executives and the industry as a whole;
  • increased scrutiny by the regulators and governments, and
  • impacts upon the share prices of the involved companies, causing investors to question the security of their investments in the high hazard industries.

PSM involves everyone involved with your business and at every stage of the life cycle of your business from initial design, procurement, construction, commissioning, operations through to decommissioning and functions within your business from Supply chain, Engineering, HSE, Operations and leadership, but, do they really understand PSM and the role everyone contributes to ensure safe and reliable operations?Process Safety

What we’ve learned from the past;

  • Blinded by the easily measurable
  • Loss of corporate memory
  • Lack of understanding of process safety
  • Devaluation of engineering
  • Asset Integrity and maintenance
  • Fragmentation of functions
  • Increased divestment and contractorisation

GHS consultants have a passion for PSM and can help your business, understand design considerations and safety critical features, understand and respect the process, Importance of plant and equipment’s condition, implement measurement and reporting the right things, development of a meaningful assurance system thereby contributing to business process improvements, productivity and safety culture.