Become a world-class company in your local or global market with GHS Health and Safety. Identify your assets, mitigate your risks, track your success and deliver better outcomes for your workplace.

World-class companies embed best practice risk management practices in their day-to-day operations. In doing so, they not only reduce the frequency and consequences of workplace risks, they make better-informed decisions that deliver a return on their investments in safety. From reducing hazards that affect the community and environment, to eliminating risks to the health and wellbeing of employees in the office or out in the field. Our team of experienced HSE professionals can help you customise compliant and practical risk management strategies that are guaranteed to be:

  • Holistic. Sustaining healthy behaviours and avoiding unforeseen risks require comprehensive strategies across a range of business areas and settings;
  • Rigorous. Based on best practice principles and compliant with national and international statutory requirements;
  • Accountable. Inclusive of stakeholders, with risks owned by individuals or teams for mitigation and reporting;
  • Tracked. Regularly monitored and evaluated to enhance workplace performance and safety practices; and
  • Communicated. Ensuring feedback mechanisms continually improve day-to-day operations throughout the company.

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