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Your path to sustainable operational
excellence starts here

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GHS Health and Safety’s team of HSE
specialists collaborate with global energy
companies to overcome the challenges and
complexities in today’s energy sector

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Boost performance, exceed OHS regulations,
lower injury rates and optimise capital returns
with our diverse range of customised workplace
health and safety solutions

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Our relationship with NOPSEMA, DMP, Worksafe
and other government regulatory bodies guarantees
expertise and service you can trust

Safety Management Processes

Safety Management Processes

GHS Health and Safety gives you the best building blocks for a health and safety management system that’s compliant with regulations and integrated with national and international safety standards.

Emergency Management

Emergency Management

Could your workplace respond to and recover from an emergency, right now? Ensure resilience through adversity by preparing your emergency management plan with our superior consultancy services.

Risk Management

Risk Management

Become a world-class company in your local or global market with GHS Health and Safety. Identify your assets, mitigate your risks, track your success and deliver better outcomes for your workplace.

Safety Leadership

Safety Leadership

A strong safety culture, where safety is valued in all aspects of business by all workers, is paramount to achieving sustainable operational excellence. Let our safety leadership services show you how.

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