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NOPSEMA Guidance Note(s) January 2017

NOPSEMA have issued out several guidance notes during January 2017 in several areas that operators need to be aware, and then perform a gap analysis to measure potential impact to their business interests.

  • Guidance note; N-04600-GN1613, Well Integrity Hazard identification and risk assessment.
  • Guidance note; N-04600-GN1616, ALARP in the context of well integrity.
  • Guidance note; N-04600-GN1617, Well integrity control measures and performance standards.
  • Guidance note; N04300-GN0087, Safety Case Lifecycle Management
Draft; Diving project plan (DPP) concordance table.

All guidance notes can be accessed via the NOPSEMA website;


GHS Health and Safety Consultants can help your business assess the potential impact to your business with the release of these guidance notes from NOPSEMA.

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