Organisations need to have robust business continuity and recovery plans developed.

In an event that their business is impacted by a major event whether that event is internal or external in order that the business can implement the plan and return to normal operations.

An organisation’s ability to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to change and sudden major disruptions to their business to meet the sudden challenges and recover is frequently termed “organisational resilience“.

Business Continuity diagram

There are general steps involved in creating a business continuity plan:

  • Identify the scope of the plan;
  • Identify key business areas;
  • Identify critical functions;
  • Identify dependencies between various business areas and functions;
  • Determine acceptable downtime for each critical function;
  • Create a plan to maintain operations;
  • Test the plan; and
  • Adjust the plan following testing.

GHS consultants and our partners can help your business develop, implement, assess and test the effectiveness of your business continuity plan offer constructive advice based on our deep knowledge and experience in this area, which will improve your resilience in the event of a crisis impacting your organisation.