Could your workplace respond to and recover from an emergency, right now?

Ensure resilience through adversity by preparing your emergency management plan with our superior consultancy services.

Emergency management diagram

Producing a compliant emergency management plan with comprehensive preparedness and response procedures is a significant task for any company. Knowing how to prepare, respond and recover from them is a major challenge – more so for government agencies and industries whose operations extend across multiple settings and disciplines.

At GHS Health and Safety, we aim to make emergency management easier for clients. Our extensive knowledge in a range of fields and business areas mean we have the right experience and solutions to help you design emergency, crisis or disaster management approaches that will:

  • Protect your people, assets and environment from harm;
  • Preserve your company’s operations;
  • Protect your reputation, stakeholders and brand;
  • Improve organisational business continuity and resiliency;
  • Show due diligence to reduce exposure to liability and risk; and
  • Create partnerships and resources to mobilise your emergency management plan when required